Seeing the need for a local company that could provide secondary financial solutions to business owners and investors in the Philadelphia area Alex founded ANS Financial. Alex has over 13 years of experience in both wholesale commercial lending and commercial banking. Alex used his vast connections in the lending community and has contracted numerous lending relationships, which enable ANS Financial to provide the most competitive programs in the industry. Alex is hands on in the day to day operations of ANS Financial and oversees the growing sales staff. ANS Financial slowly began offering their products in other markets and today we are nationwide. ANS Financial gives options to those who cannot get financed through their local lending institutions as well as offering more competitive pricing to those who can get traditional bank financing.

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MIKE ZASLAV / Commercial Real Estate Sales Manager
Mike has been involved in both the finance side and the real estate sales side of the business. With an extensive network of real estate investors and commercial real estate property owners. Mike can assist in both finding you a commercial property to purchase or assist in selling your commercial property. Mike also work on the finance end as well.

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MATT GRACE / Residential Real Estate Sales and Finance
Matt has been involved in all levels of real estate for over 10 years, specializing in residential investment and fix and flip projects. He is an expert in the residential investment side of the business, and he knows the local real estate market better then anyone. Matt handles the residential side of ANS Financial.

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DEVON JOHNSON /Origination and Sales Manager
Devon has developed a large network of property owners, business owners, and investors. He handles all origination and recently has been promoted to sales manager. Devon oversees the growing sales department.

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